About Dorkas

Dorkas is the community and social engagement arm of the Redeemed Christian church of God Impact Centre (RCCGIC). We are a church that enjoys the benefit of a charitable status that aids us in delivering our mandate to the community. We proactively offer support to members of the community when called upon in whatever capacity that is needed but from a faith-based perspective. Our centrally located site in Bicester has enabled us to deliver on our community-based plans, including mental well-being online seminars, help alleviate loneliness among single mothers in the community, and use our building to serve the local community, e.g. nursery and youth empowerment programs. Since the outbreak of covid-19, we have been creating social interaction opportunities for the elderly in the community. We hope to grow into providing music therapy for people living with dementia. We hope that our programmes will help to reduce mental illness and suicidal rates in the community through open discussion forums and signposting for people requiring therapy to appropriate professionals. We hope to improve the mental wellbeing of the community through increased awareness of post-pandemic stress disorder via seminars and counselling support from seasoned professionals. We are working towards improving social interaction and engagement, by developing buddying groups and create a big community where the elderly, single mums and members can interact in a safe environment.

The 7 Pillar Objectives for Mental Health and Mental Well-being

1. To create awareness on mental well-being.

2. To minimise mental illness and psychological breakdown in the community.

3. To minimise contact of mentally distressed people with the NHS.

4. To empower the community by building their mental resilience.

5. To provide a safe space for conversation for people struggling with mental health.

6. To support people living with mental illness such as dementia etc.

7. To provide and facilitate coping mechanisms.

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